Istanbul Vacation Rentals is a trademark of Thomas-ay Group. We offer a large selection of slef-catering Istanbul apartment to lease for short or long term. Istanbul Vacation Rentals holiday apartments are totally restorated, equipped with all luxury furnitures and other utilities. Moreover we also provide lots of free of charge services such as daily cleaning, periodic linen & towel changing, techinical support and more.

Istanbul Vacation Rentals present an alternative offer to hotels, well appointed apartments in all destinations of �stanbul. We both have individual apartments and multiple apartments.

It is obvious that reserving an �stanbul vacation rental is both cheaper and comfortable than a room in hotel. You don�t need to pay extra amount for extra person ( or have to pay very little amount of extra amount ) if you reserve a serviced apartment. Moreover, you should always be ready for Thomas-ay � Istanbul Vacation Rentals small gifts during your vacation!

In order to reserve an apartment, you only need to search apartments and send reservation requests through our website. You can always contact our customer representative either through online customer support or 7/24 Call number if you have any problem or question.

Apart from searching Istanbul Vacation Rentals, you can also inquiry airport transfers and lots of extra services that you could finf all details regarding to services after clicking on Istanbul Vacation Rentals from the menu.

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